CHICAGO - May 21-24, 2024


WRI 2024 InfoZone

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The InfoZone is an interactive learning environment that is designed to augment the information presented at the annual Heavy Haul Seminar.

Our InfoZone partners offer high-quality technical information on the aspects of wheel/rail interaction that they know best. These sessions, which are built into the Heavy Haul Seminar program, are designed to provide small groups of approximately 30 delegates insight into the product or service that is the specialty of the presenting company. The goal is to promote a better understanding of the dynamic interaction between vehicles and track. This innovative concept has consistently received great reviews from participants and InfoZone Partners alike.

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Review the InfoZone Abstracts

BOSSPAC Abstract

In the pursuit of safer rail travel, understanding the intricate dynamics between vehicles and tracks is paramount. Derailment prevention stands as a critical goal, with a particular emphasis on addressing issues stemming from the wheel and rail interface.

The industry is actively seeking technology with the ability to precisely and regularly measure crucial metrics of rail movement under the dynamic loads. Accomplishing this goal necessitates a comprehensive examination of current inspection methods and challenges related to derailments caused by track conditions.

The Portable Laser Measurement Device received the top Innovation Grant from the Transportation Research Board, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in 2023. Subsequently, in 2024, it received First Place for top Technology by NRC, ushering in a new era in rail inspection technology under dynamic load.

Supported by industry leaders like AMTRAK, BNSF, MTA MARYLAND, SEPTA, METRO NORTH, BART, and NS, this groundbreaking device addresses critical challenges in track inspection and real-time temperature monitoring. Swiftly detecting, gauge, rail pushing, pumping, cross level, superelevation, rail expansion, ambient temperature and rail temperature under dynamic loads in real-time, it provides essential insights to prevent derailments and mitigate rail kinks and buckling.

A lightweight, portable tool utilized by track inspectors, the Portable Laser Measurement Device delivers vital rail metrics and environmental data under dynamic loads, improving traditional visual and static inspection methods. Attached magnetically to the web of a running rail, it seamlessly interfaces with smart devices or cloud platforms, capturing these key data point metrics during full revenue service.

Real-time reports empower inspectors and supervisors to diligently monitor critical aspects including track geometry, hot spots, curve conditions, bridge integrity, and potential heat-induced issues leading to buckling or kinking.

The widespread adoption of this innovative solution by major railways and transit agencies represents a transformative leap in rail safety practices, poised to have a profound positive impact on the operational landscape of the rail industry.

FTS Tools Abstract

North American Railroads are in need of advanced, low-cost, yet reliable solutions for their dark rail networks. Technologies must offer tailored wayside monitoring solutions for broken rail, loose joints, and train presence detection. Today's advancements in low-power wireless mesh network systems now offer these reliable monitoring solutions. We invite you to delve into the conversation about how today's technologies can supplant traditional hard-wired solutions, leading to more reliable operations, fewer delays, and enhanced rail safety.

Global Rail NA Abstract

The future of training will be different than the traditional learning of the past, requiring railroads to be prepared to adopt new strategies and technologies. Having the ability to tailor training to specific KPIs is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in an increasingly digital world.

The integration of traditional classroom elements with simulations and other technologies in a seamless manner leads to training success. The combination of experiential learning and real-life problem-solving leads to a reduction in training time and increased retention of student skills in the workplace.

Our proprietary methods and technologies make GRA uniquely positioned to achieve these training goals. Our approach isn't just theoretical; we also offer job-related activities that take advantage of state-of-the-art track machine simulators and the latest adult education methodologies.